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Who we are
  S.O. Asher Consultants Ltd. is a professional services firm contracted by non-profit organizations to develop and manage lottery programs.

These exciting programs bring an organization to the media forefront, enhancing its profile and generating greater awareness – while often becoming the most financially significant event of an annual fundraising strategy.

Quick facts
We have generated net proceeds of more than $800 million for valued clients through more than 300 successful lotteries to date
We have a total of 19 programs, spanning across Canada and Australia, and we continue to grow


INNOVATION: Where it all began

In 1978, S. Orme Asher introduced the '$100 home lottery ticket' concept to a community service club in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada—where our head office remains today. Mr. Asher voluntarily organized and delivered the concept to fruition. This was the first program of its kind in North America. It sold out in a matter of days.

Shortly thereafter, a local hospital foundation recognized the concept's potential and asked Mr. Asher to tailor a similar program. The concept proved its worth again, initiating a new industry in Canada: the 'Hospital Home Lottery'.

Over the years, referrals from one hospital foundation or charitable organization to another have enabled the Asher team to expand across Canada and overseas.